Assembly of small groups

Assembly of small groups   True quality is expressed through decisive responses: among these, very important are the ones capable of speeding up customers’ work.   By managing the entire production and supply of mechanical and commercial components, Dierre srl aims to give its customers an increasingly streamlined and flexible service, always guaranteeing precision, respect for deadlines and maximum quality.   An important service An element that has now become extremely precious is time. Consequently,

Continuous training: work in progress

Continuous training: work in progress   Being up to date is a priority, especially in the precision mechanic sector. Thus, we are glad to present the two courses followed by our employees in February.     Continuous training: following our employees on a path of continuous growth is essential to give the company new resources and allow it to be always competitive and in step with the times. Thus, in February 2024, our staff followed a

CLX450 DMG MORI Lathe: news from Dierre

CLX450 DMG MORI Lathe: news from Dierre   Increasingly technological and high-performance machinery allow us to guarantee ideal responses to any customer need. The CLX450 DMG MORI Lathe is our first 2024 purchase. With this new machinery we will be able to work even more effectively and produce customer-specific parts, further improving our quality.   High specialization in turning Turning is a feather in Dierre’s cap. Our section is equipped with 5 CNC lathes which, following our company tradition, all


2023: a year to remember   The year that is just about to end has been full of new projects, experiences, contacts. All of them has made us grown as well as giving us great satisfaction. 2023: a year is ending. Thus, we like to make an assessment before saying it goodbye and enthusiastically welcoming what is to come.   Suppliers Day: a great event A foreign client, leader in the recycling machinery production sector, celebrated with the Suppliers Day

FONDI POR FESR – Linea intervento 2.3

FONDI POR FESR-Linea intervento 2.3 La DIERRE SRL, con questo progetto, per fronteggiare l’emergenza che la pandemia da COVID-19 ha generato si pone l’obiettivo di sostenere il recupero della capacità produttiva, della competitività aziendale e lo sviluppo della propria capacità commerciale, utilizzando strumenti e tecnologie finalizzate da un lato a preservare la sicurezza dei lavoratori – in quella che continua ad essere un’emergenza – dall’altro alla digitalizzazione delle attività orientandole a soluzioni e-commerce/vendita on line con specifica applicazione ai modelli d’impresa


We are glad to inform you that our new Inlet and outlet CNC grinding machine LIZZINI WALLRAM IG-FXL ø 420×1200 mm is now fully operational. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quotation. We will be pleased to introduce you to the potential of our grinding department.   VIDEO LIZZINI CNC GRINDING MACHINE

Smart working

Dierre Srl è beneficiaria del sostegno finanziario del Programma Operativo del Fondo Sociale Europeo della Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia in relazione al programma PS 101/2020 – “Sostenere l’adozione di modelli innovativi di organizzazione del lavoro attraverso lo sviluppo di piani aziendali e l’adozione di adeguata strumentazione informatica per adottare strumenti di lavoro agile ovvero di smart working. Emergenza da COVID- 19”.


From 23rd to 25th November Dierre will take part to MECSPE in Bologna, the reference fair for the manufacturing industry. We look forward to meeting you at Hall 25, Aisle A, Stand 73.

Hannover 2021

Dierre will take part to the Digital Edition of the Hannover Messe 2021 from 12 th to 16 th April, a unique occasion to meet up, exchange ideas and create new synergies. We look forward to sharing with you the latest news regarding our production range and machine park. Contact us to request your ticket for the event!