CLX450 DMG MORI Lathe: news from Dierre

CLX450 DMG MORI Lathe: news from Dierre


Increasingly technological and high-performance machinery allow us to guarantee ideal responses to any customer need.

The CLX450 DMG MORI Lathe is our first 2024 purchase. With this new machinery we will be able to work even more effectively and produce customer-specific parts, further improving our quality.


High specialization in turning

Turning is a feather in Dierre’s cap. Our section is equipped with 5 CNC lathes which, following our company tradition, all belong to the DMG MORI group (CTX 400 Series 2, GMX 250S Linear, CTX BETA 1250, CTX ALPHA 500W4 and CTX BETA 800).

We process several raw materials including stainless steels, copper, aluminum, bronze, cast iron, brass and plastics.


CLX450 DMG MORI Lathe: features

This lathe, equipped with a Y axis with 12-position motorized revolver, allows the complete turning and milling of complex pieces.

The highly dynamic spindle drive with a 25,5kW – 40% power and a maximum speed of up to 4000 rpm guarantees high performance and efficiency.

The new purchase equipped with a 72 mm bar capacity enhances our dimensional range allowing us to create components with a diameter of up to 400 mm and a length of up to 800 mm.

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Cutting-edge software

The CLX450 DMG MORI lathe is equipped with 3D control with a 19” multi-touch SLIMline control panel – SIEMENS technology.

The high performance provided by this equipment reduces machine tooling and programming time, thus influencing significantly the delivery timings.


Quality is our goal

Since 1980, we have been committed to giving the highest quality to all our clients.

Thus, we apply rigorous quality controls to the entire supply chain, from the raw material selection, to the mechanical processing accuracy up to the final checks, for which we use sophisticated instruments such as ZEISS measuring machines.

For more than 40 years, passion for precision mechanics and determination in ‘doing always better’ have remained unchanged, allowing us to always broaden our horizons.

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