Continuous training: work in progress

Continuous training: work in progress


Being up to date is a priority, especially in the precision mechanic sector. Thus, we are glad to present the two courses followed by our employees in February.



Continuous training: following our employees on a path of continuous growth is essential to give the company new resources and allow it to be always competitive and in step with the times.

Thus, in February 2024, our staff followed a milling and a turning course – depending on their specialization – at our Tarcento headquarters.

For these two courses, we would like to thank the UMTools, which have been offering services and training for the mechanical processing sector since 1980.



Professional training versus experience

Eduard Deming argued that one of the most serious impasses for a company is that the know-how is communicated solely on the basis of the experience of the most expert workers, leaving aside professional training.

We share this belief and that it is why we have always favored both the exchange of experience and the construction of a solid study base, professional and targeted at individual activities.



The theory, in milling and turning

Continuously evolving technology in the fields of milling and turning, requires expertise in theoretical notions that cannot always be extrapolated from the daily work in the company. 

Furthermore, the lack of solid theoretical basis can also lead to the incomplete use of all the potential offered by new machinery.


One of the strategic pluses of the two UMTools courses was precisely that of providing updated, in-depth theoretical knowledge and above all concretely applicable to everyday activities.


Application and insights

During the two courses, the UMTools professionals also added several hours in which our employees could apply what they had learned directly on the machinery.

This was extremely useful because, as soon as the course was finished, the participants were immediately able to apply what they had learned, bringing added value to their daily work.



The objectives achieved

The in-depth study of the respective sectors opened new perspectives and certainly instilled in all participants the desire to become increasingly master of their own professionalism. This is a great result and another step towards excellence.



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